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Why go through the task of filtering the news you’re really interested in, when a blog can do it for you! If you’re interested in motoring news, then take a journey to Roadweb, for all the news, views, and advice you’ll need. Cyclists, drivers, and learner drivers are all catered for here, where you’ll find posts on anything from classic cars to driving abroad. Legal eagles

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New British invention SHOFT the end to driver’s backache

Does your back ache after sitting behind the wheel for long? If so, chances are you’re not wearing your seatbelt correctly.
Worryingly, new figures suggest that most of us don’t wear our seatbelts in the way in which they were designed and safety-tested. A recent survey (1) revealed that more than 95% of drivers finish their journeys with at least a one-inch gap between their lower back

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Bridgestone celebrate major coup with Guy Jones acquisition

Guy Stone

Bridgestone’s north region senior management team has been significantly boosted with the addition of an industry-respected sales and marketing director to head-up a new business development role.
Guy Jones brings a wealth of automotive experience to the new Bridgestone management team.

He started his career with Land Rover developing Range Rover, then became global brand manager at Bentley, playing a key role in the development of the Continental

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A transit van is the perfect solution

If you own your own business you might be looking into ways to haul goods or transport items that you need to provide your services. If you are, then you should look no further than Ford transit vans. There are a variety of reasons why people choose to use Ford transit vans and commercial vehicles for their small and medium businesses. The following are just a

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Mango Bikes: The Review

Sponsored by PedalSure

I’m quite a novice when it comes to the category of Fixie/Single-speed bikes, and so when I heard about Mango bikes I wasn’t quite sure what to make of them. After some research and experience, I can say that these bikes are refreshingly different from your regular bike. Mango Bikes was established in 2012 with the aim of providing University students with quality cycles

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Halfords’ Reveals Nation’s Driving Habits with Motoring Map Of Britain

Motoring Map of UK Halfords Mini Infographic

Safety-conscious Northern drivers buy most in-car cameras and breathalysers
Sweetest smelling cars are in Crawley
Southern car-owners most MOT savvy

Research from Halfords shows that where a car-owner lives can reveal how they make their journey, as the retailer uncovers each region’s motoring must-haves.

The best-smelling cars can be found in Crawley, where shoppers snap up the most car air fresheners, while those from Shropshire commute in the cleanest cars,

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New research claims in-car technology responsible for growing road accidents

26-40 year olds are the most distracted by in-car technology while driving says BCA research

The Department for Transport recently announced that the number of deaths and serious injuries on Britain’s road rose by 4% to nearly 25,000 in 2014, with some commentators suggesting that in-car technology is distracting drivers behind the wheel. This concern is echoed in consumer research undertaken by BCA, Europe’s leading used

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Peace of mind to drivers fearing ban with new motor legal protection insurance policy

Drivers with six points or less on their licence can secure extra peace of mind for themselves if they’re worried that they may, over time, tot up the 12 points that will result in a driving ban. For an annual premium of £150, a new motor legal protection insurance policy from Best Price Financial Services will provide drivers with up to £24,000 a year to fund

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Department for Transport project with Ordnance Survey £3 million to improve roads

Transport Minister Robert Goodwill

Department for Transport project with Ordnance Survey (OS) will deliver the next generation road mapping for England and Wales.

Transport Minister Robert Goodwill has today announced the Department for Transport will contribute £3 million to help create a digital road map that will give the most detailed information yet to councils and emergency services.

The new map, developed by OS, has the potential to transform how all levels

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Shipping Automotive Parts on Pallets

As a car collector or car shop owner you may need to send and receive car body parts many times throughout the year. You know that having knowledge and experience in this field can make the whole process easier. But, what if you don’t organise these kinds of transfers on a daily basis? What information would be most helpful for arranging a safe shipment?

With today’s European

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Road safety charity Brake launch of three driverless vehicle trials

Brake, the road safety charity, has hailed the launch of three driverless vehicle trials as an exciting step towards a safer, more sustainable future for UK road travel, and a long-term goal of ending needless road deaths.

The trials are being launched in Greenwich – location of the GATEway trial – by transport minister Claire Perry and business secretary Vince Cable, alongside publication of a Department for

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